Boxwood is a Montessori school…

Boxwood School was founded in 1972 by David and Elizabeth Coffin and their five children who shared their home, talents, and experiences to enrich an American Montessori Curriculum.

Boxwood is a school…

…honoring Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles and philosophy.

…where the young child can benefit in full measure from the most creative and absorbing period of his life — the years from three to six or seven.

…that provides an easy transition from the pre-verbal and pre-school experiences in the home to the stimulations of group experience in a many-faceted environment.

…that stresses a mixed age grouping in the belief that free and natural movement within this early childhood peer group constitutes the most effective means of developing self-awareness and self-esteem.

…that respects each child’s individual pattern and pace of learning.

…that regards learning as a unified experience in which social, emotional, and intellectual development are inextricably linked.…for academic and social basics in child-sized portions: Reading, Phonics, Spelling, Writing, Nature Study, Music, Arithmetic, Courtesy, Grace, Poise, Sensitivity, Alertness, Generosity and Cooperation.

…that recognizes the child’s right to enjoy his childhood.

…that grants her time to be young, time to learn from her peers, and time to enjoy the wonders of her environment.

…for delight in learning; for sharing with others; for a laugh a day!


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