November 2015 Notes

What a strange month as far as temperature goes. We have been able to eat outside in short sleeves most of the month! Hopefully that doesn’t mean winter will be bitter. Yet I do believe it is on the way. Brrr as I write these notes.

Children should dress in layers and when wearing boots have them bring along a pair of shoes for inside use. Lunches have been missing a few items, please include a napkin and utensils when needed. We eat in various places and when outside it is difficult to go back in to fetch these items.

Parents please remember to use upper and lower case letters when writing for the children at home. We are encouraging them to learn the difference and try to use them in the correct place. There are not many books or magazines found all in capitol letters.

We have attached a handy phonetic chart for you when teaching the different sounds to your children. It is important to be consistent so that they will learn it correctly.

We have been very busy with our leaf rubbings and ironing with wax paper – working on our Leaf book. The children can identify almost all of the leaves at Boxwood, ask them to tell you the names or the seed pods you see around.

Birds have become very interesting to us this month. In fact, one was found near the front door, it had flown into the window above and died on impact. We were able to place it in a baggy so that we could identify it. Yes! It was a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker – the same type that has been pecking holes in our Bartlett Pear tree by the wide slide. Take a look, the tree is almost covered with holes…

Thank you those of you that were able to attend the Resource Fair. I hope you had a great day and it looks like Boxwood may have a few prospects that visited our booth.


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