Dear Boxwood Family, from Ms. Paula

Dear Boxwood Family,

As Boxwood School returns full-swing this fall, I wanted to reach out to you – our Boxwood family past and present – to tell you a bit about what we have been up to, and also to ask for your help.

After a sabbatical in last spring, Boxwood introduced a few changes during 2015’s Summer Camp and came back this fall with a new twist. We’re welcoming a few new faces as well as some returning, and our beloved mentor, Mrs. Coffin, is stepping back from an active role with the children to work on her latest book, ‘Boxwood and Boys.’

Boxwood is thrilled to welcome another Montessorian, Sally Peebles, as a teacher. She brings with her a vast knowledge of the Montessori curriculum and a love for children, along with a calming aspect that is difficult to describe. You must stop in to meet her!

Mrs. Sarah McCormack is back with us a few days a month, dividing her time between Boxwood and another Montessori school in Front Royal, and Mrs. Ann Lauterback is also back as an occasional substitute, in addition to doing our books, payroll, etc. It is great to welcome these ladies back into the halls, classrooms and gardens of Boxwood – where they themselves spent their childhood.

Mrs. Coffin is moving a bit slower these days and living by her own clock. She arises late, rests throughout the day and we see her in the kitchen or the garden once in a while. She is working on her third book and her days are full of ideas. While she appreciates seeing the children occasionally, she truly enjoys hearing them about in the house and on the grounds. She also enjoys visitors – so if you happen to be around, feel free to stop in and say hello!

Ms. Mary is taking a short break from Boxwood due to her mother’s illness and need for care. We are looking for her to return in mid October once her mother’s schedule is in place, and at that time our after-school art program will resume.

As for me, I am still doing much of Boxwood’s administration and outdoor work – and I still believe there is a need in our community for this lovely setting, in which children learn by doing, play with a purpose and increase their character development. Our teacher-student ratio remains small (and we like it that way!). Through the years this has enabled us to touch so many lives through Boxwood, and we want that legacy to continue for this generation of children.

To reach that goal, I am working hard to build our image in the community. Our students have almost always come to us by word of mouth, but in this new world of technology many parents are turning to the Internet for advice. A past Boxwood parent and I are searching for ways to make Boxwood more visible online and easier to find. Many searches seem to look for things like comments from parents (or former Boxwooders!) about the school, how their children learned, what they enjoyed about Boxwood, and what makes it special.

So I ask you to take a few moments to check out our pages online, listed below, and add your own remarks or memories of Boxwood. We hope more activity will make us more noticeable on the list of local Montessori schools.

As all of you know, The Boxwood School truly is a truly unique environment in a world increasingly run by technology, standardization and overcrowding. We hope we will be able to continue to nurture young lives and minds for the foreseeable future.

From the heart,

Ms. Paula

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