January News Notes

It is hard to believe it is January until I began writing these notes – 60’s, 70’s and now 30’s!! The children have been doing a great job dressing in layers so they are ready for the cold mornings and warm afternoons – will we ever have any snow?? We have eaten lunch outside a few times this month!

Janus – inspired insights of learning from the past, your children still prove to be resilient. Our small band of students are working hard on the foundational skills of basic behavior which we practice daily – they try!

1. Enter a room gently without talking.

2. Stop, Look, Listen – before joining a lesson, interrupting the speaker or when the bell rings.

3. Courteously – Look at the Speaker who looks at you.

4. Acts of Kindness encourage friendships.

5. Laugh at your own mistakes.

6. Follow through on the activity you start.

7. Move up and down the stairs quietly.

8. Enjoy your day! It is a Gift to use!

Let’s see if they are able to take these skills home with them? Let us know.

We have another new family that has joined us. Please welcome: Kendon and Lauren with their daughter Audrey who is 4. Which brings our number up to 12! A few visitors for our Open House and a few more phone calls.

I will be sending home a new family page which will help when the children ask to have play dates ~ along with our upcoming – Valentine’s Day.

A quick note – please NO store bought valentine cards, if you want your children to participate in giving their friends cards on February 14th – only homemade ones. They can be simply made. We have already started creating a few designs at school. We are also working on rhymes – can’t wait to see what they will come up with on their cards.

Hopefully you heard about our dancing for National School Choice Week – a bit of a controversial subject but one that got us up and out and moving to some music. Enjoy the scarves!

As always a few articles to read and keep, enjoy your children’s diary!

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