November News Notes

November 2016 Notes

Amid the changing needs of growing children, we are reminded almost daily of the subtle power of consistency. When we keep the pattern  of procedures and expectation high, as well as predictable, children thrive! Behavior is smoother, rewards of patience and learning are high!

This month has seen a lot of changes from outside chores and activities to settling in and buckling down on the inside chores and activities. Artists are popping up everywhere (cover page) along with a few mathematicians in the group.

Parents please remember to use upper and lower case letters when writing for the children at home. We are encouraging them to learn the difference and try to use them in the correct place. There are not many books or magazines found all in capitol letters unless texting and wishing to yell at someone ; )

We have attached a handy phonetic chart for you when teaching the different sounds to your children. It is important to be consistent so that they will learn it correctly. Handwriting is another tough one – pencil grips are key, forming letters starts at the top or middle not bottom of a letter or number – work in progress with sand and sand paper letters.

A BIG thank you to Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Amelia, Amelia Grace and Bitsy for helping out at the Resource Fair. It looks like Boxwood may have a few prospects that visited our booth. We are having an Open House – Wednesday the 7th of December from 10-12 and another one in January on Tuesday the 17th. Please pass around our colorful scarecrows to invite friends to come ~

Children should continue to dress in layers. When wearing boots have them bring along a pair of shoes for inside use or they can put on their slippers…

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