September News Notes


September has been a very busy month discovering all the spaces we have at Boxwood and slowly introducing the children to the many activities. The children seem to enjoy having a lesson on a new item and learn patience while waiting for the right time.

There is so much to cover in such a short amount of time yet we are taking it slowly so as to normalize the children which will benefit us all in the long run. A bit of time daily (morning/afternoon) is spent keeping our school clean, neat and prepared (inside and out). Do your children have chores at home?

One of the basics of a Montessori Education involves attention to detail, starting with lots of practice in noticing what is in front of us! As we clean the driveway of magnolia leaves, beech seeds and seed pods – the children will look back to see if the job is finished or needs a bit more work. Training the eye for detail.

We prepared our vegetable garden for fall plants and all the while the children were noticing the weeds disappear, while breaking up the large clods of dirt and sewing the seeds. Our pavers help to keep us on the walking path.

The children are learning how important it is to look at the speaker, putting on their thinking caps to help them focus and sharpen their listening skills along with covering their mouth as they yawn, cough or sneeze. Be sure to give your child carefully articulated directions and TIME TO THINK!

We are all learning to move slowly and quietly so as not to miss a worm on the drive, a stick to be put away, to keep us from bumping into things or interrupting others at work, using our inside voices. Learning to speak clearly, share our things and to wait our turn! Filling the finger bowl with water and carrying it to the stand – moving slowly ensures no messy clean up.

Mrs. Coffin is around from time to time but she seems to keep herself quite busy continuing to write her third book on ‘Boxwood and Boys’. Yet she does enjoy a few interactions with all of us as we pass through the kitchen.

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